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Digital Theater Surround (DTS)

To play back DTS (Digital Theatre Surround) within AVI/MKV/OGM files you have two options:
1. Use an XForm filter that relays the AC3/DTS data from the AVI/MKV/OGM container into an AC3/DTS Decoder, and the second is the Decoder itself.
2. Use The Open-Source AC3 Decoding Filter (which contains both the XForm and Decoder in one filter).

Note that not all decoders actually need the XForm filter (For example, the NVIDIA NVDVD filters have internal XForm filter), but installing this filter has no detrimental effect, so you might as well have it installed.

Also note that playing back DTS Audio within MPEG-2 (VOB) files requires an MPEG-2 Splitter filter that recognizes DTS Audio Tracks. The OpenSource MPEG-2 Filter does that.

Download Gabest AC3/DTS XForm Filter:
Mirror 1, Mirror 2.

Download Open-Source AC3 Filter v1.01rc5:
Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
MD5: DA960A06B0FD340802DEE8FE3DE91E75

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