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SoftDVD has been a name in the PC-DVD arena since day one. At times, that name was feared, but mostly it was mocked. After first leading the world into PC-DVD, their player fell to become very average or even below average.

Those days are over! MGI has taken serious steps with this release. They still have a long way to go to again become the only name on top, but they now have a player that at least is worthy of their name. SoftDVD was once the only player to have, and now its a player worth considering. Its been a long time since we could say that, but overall its good to hear. If the retail release or a future version update can smooth out a few of the points we made in this review, this player may have the potential to make it a BIG-4 race for the DVD crown. As it is, they are a worthy product with much potential.

Interested in buying SoftDVD? click here (since this version isn't in retail quite yet, this is a link to the last version).

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Product Scoring:
Video Quality 8.0
Audio Quality 8.5
Performance 7.0
Features 7.5
User Interface7.0
Total Score 7.75
(Total score is not an average)

The 7.75 total score comes with a Hearty Congratulations to MGI for getting themselves back in the game. There is much room to improve, but it appears to be a good start.

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