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As said previously, SoftDVD v6 has gone to great lengths to try and satiate everything we at InMatrix could ask of them. Bookmarking, is actually very well done! Though its just a location save, what makes one player better than another is how easy it is to locate your bookmarks, choose them, and get there. SoftDVD offers a pretty decent layout panel for naming and identifying your bookmarks. Can't complain.

Zooming is there and working, though limited to aspect ratio ON with Pan & Scan as stated in the video section. The zoom is clear and the controls for it easy and efficient to use. Yet another step up towards the DVD elite by adding in a feature they once lacked. A standard Web Browser link button resides on the panel. Why players all seem to be growing these I don't know? But perhaps someday players will be able to play RealVudeo or AVI files from the web and you may wish to directly connect to the web with the player? Anyway, it's in there.

The feature list isn't earth shattering by any means, but its more than adequate. It has most features we asked for in our "How to build a perfect DVD Player" eMails, and the quality has gone from below acceptable to quite decent with Hardware Acceleration on when using most of the features.

One note, I did some testing for Windows 2000 compatibility. I couldn't try everything, but the Windows 2000 support seemed stable, which is more than many players can say (SP/DIF wasn't grayed out!), so it may be worth considering to Windows 2000 users. It did crash during install the first try, but was stable after that. Any player that can play on Winows 2000 and have the SP/DIF output actually available and working deserves mention, as many users have complained that the Big-3 have left Windows 2000 owners out in the cold in some areas.

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