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The User Interface

Interface is an area I do some of my harshest reviewing in. PowerDVD set an almost ungodly standard for user interface control and design efficiency over 2 years ago. No others pale by comparison. Basically, if it doesn't match up well with PowerDVD, it will be a tough climb to gain favor in the interface review.

Previous MGI SoftDVD players were not up to snuff. I'd like to be diplomatic, but the previous interfaces were plain BAD. Unappealing to look at, missing many industry standard key features, and clunky to use. After several serious emails, I was hoping for a rebirth of the PowerDVD Interface.

Alas, there can be only one PowerDVD Interface. Ah well, enough dreaming, lets talk about what is! Several of our biggest complaints have in fact been addressed. A functional Time-Slider bar finally appears on SoftDVD MAX, and it works well. This was one of my biggest complaints in previous versions, as they were the only major player still without one. Now they join the interface game!


Also new to SoftDVD is a Right-Click MENU for accessing major player controls from a list. Again, most players already had this, so I cant commend MGI for breaking any new ground; but at least now they have a seat at the table. The Right-Click menu is actually very nice. This one IS similar to PowerDVD, and it even has the keyboard hotkey shortcuts identified (Which PowerDVD does NOT!). While it is only part of the interface system, they did it VERY well and earn full acknowledgment.

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