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Klipsch is a company well known in the audio world. They are a company known for providing products to demanding audiophiles and sound professionals. Because of this, it was somewhat of a shock when just over a year ago Klipsch announced that they were invading the PC Multimedia market? PC stuff? Naaaa...Not KLIPSCH? They don't build stuff for computer-geeks. They sell to Audiophiles, rich guys with huge rooms they listen to music in. Guys who won't even let friends or family touch knobs on their home stereo systems! Klipsch sells to people who make CDs, not people who play them!

Klipsch further shocked the world by announcing that their offering would be a full quad speaker+subwoofer system (4.1) and sell for a reasonable $250.00 US. This is basically similar to hearing that Rolls Royce Or Porsche has decided to make a Turbo Roadster that the working man can afford? While $250 definitely isn't "cheap", it's not much more than other 4.1 systems on the market. Klipsch? Could it be possible? Could they make something that fits their standards and yet we can actually "afford"? And will it be "that good" at that price?

They did it. And what better way to evaluate a speakerset for PC than in the DVD arena? Sure, QUAKE-3 and MP3 playback are great things and can really strain audio systems. But DVD is in many ways The Ultimate test. Modern DVD titles offer The Maximum audio output possible. Crystal clarity, extended LFE bass output, and the purest digital audio encoding. To get the most out of the DVD experience, you really need speakers that let you hear it all. The difference between a DVD with good audio system or bad, is like the difference between the station wagon and the Porsche. They both do the job, but you have ALOT MORE FUN with one of em! :)

The Promedia v.2-400's are the flagship of Klipsch's multimedia line right now (They also have a 2.1 version called the v.2-200). They feature THX quality certification, 400 watts of brain-damaging power (yes, that's well more than triple what the average Name Brand PC speaker systems offer!), and they look so cool in black! I've decided not to do an ad for Klipsch and list it feature by feature with audio specs most people don't understand anyway. Check the Klipsch website for the specs. What matters to us at Inmatrix is "How do they perform for Audio and DVD playback?" and "Why should I buy them for my DVD system?", So we will stick to that for now.

So, join us as we tackle our first Speaker Review for PC DVD. Does Klipsch answer the call? Let's hear the verdict...

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