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Klipsch Promedia v.2-400

For years now, has strived to provide the PC world with a reliable single-site location for all your PC-DVD needs. Be it choosing the right software for your system, helping you get it set up with the best DVD tweaking utilities on the web; or providing you links to the latest DVD releases and hot sales... Inmatrix has been there to help. The eMails and responses to our previous efforts speak volumes. We are very grateful for your continued support and high praise. The Inmatrix crew thanks you.

But mixed in with the thank-you's have been requests. Requests for still more PC-DVD help. Not just how to make it work or what's new in the software world, but how to decide what will make it better for you. What hardware will look and sound "The Best"? While we can't test every possible system hardware combination, or even test all the various sound and video cards our readers have to choose from, We can offer our insights on more general hardware, and help you decide for yourself.

Inmatrix has listened, and we are taking that next step with you!
We started by offering you DVD software reviews, the DVD Genie utility, and the Inmatrix DVD-FAQ to get you up and running. Now we are going to try and help you run where you want to go: Welcome to the first Inmatrix Hardware Review!

Let's face facts, Armani suits and Porsche roadsters draw praise for a reason. They are ELITE! People aspire to them, they want to one day move above blue-jeans and Toyota station wagons. Eventually, when we have the means, we just want more! How do we know what to move up to? What is "The Best"? How do we keep from making mistakes or buying something we will hate? WHAT DVD HARDWARE UPGRADE WILL MAKE MEN FEAR ME AND WOMEN WANT ME?!?

Inmatrix is prepared to answer that question! Read on ...

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