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Other Features

PowerDVD has always packed in the features. One look at the interface tells you they are loaded! There are buttons everywhere, and almost all of them do something really NEAT! They have SCREEN CAPTURE. (HW ACCEL must be disabled to use Screen cap), They have file playback, they offer a nice ZOOM utility to magnify the picture. Its DIGITAL (factor scaling), so the picture gets much bigger than the screen, but the player can keep track of what part is on your screen.

The smaller box is what you see, everything outside it is the rest of the picture that is off-screen. You can play OFF-CENTER so you are zoomed on top, bottom, or any part you want to position to. NICE!

Subtitles are a standard, but PowerDVD has added DUAL SUBTITLE support. You can have subtitles display on top or bottom, and even have 2 different subtitles at once, in 2 different languages! (presumably to help learn a new language)

Cyberlink never lacks for new ideas! Still the best for features.

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