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PowerDVD 3.0 is a player to behold. As much as it upset me with it's ATI Hardware problems, once I got past that, I really LOVED many of the new features. The Video Engine is stronger for playback and FF/RW, but still seems to be a small step beneath WinDVD and Cinemaster. The Audio is GREAT, clear, awesome, but it wants the LFE! The features and the interface are beyond compare. NO OTHER PLAYER COMES CLOSE! Is it the player you should use? I'm still using it! Even without HW Accel for my ATI card. Its that neat, and when NOT playing Mel Gibson movies, its THAT good. ;) But, try the Demo for yourself!

Do we crown a new KING? Not yet, perhaps we never will. But the battle stays tight, and PowerDVD's foes, sleep less easy tonight.

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Cyberlink offers a demo version of PowerDVD up on their web page.
Cyberlinks's PowerDVD currently retails at $49.50 and is sold on-line on the Cyberlink home page.

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Product Scoring:
Video Quality 7.5
Audio Quality 8.5
Performance 8.0
Features 10.0
User Interface10.0
Total Score 8.5
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