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Video quality(OOOOOOOOOOH!)

THE BATTLE IS JOINED! Without good video, THERE IS NO DVD! Hell, if video quality wasn't important, we would all be happy with VHS tapes! No, this is where players are made or broken! This is where legends are born, and pretenders are crushed mercilessly! Does PowerDVD 3.0 meet the challenge? Can earth be SAVED from the evil invading screen anomalies!? Will Maximus (Gladiator) bag the babe without screen stutters?

How does one start this? I've run PC-DVD since 1996. I'm on my 3rd DVD capable PC, with my 3rd different video card all of which were picked for video QUALITY (As opposed to say GAMING SPEED) so I could enjoy my movies on the monitor as well as TV-OUT. I've tried most every major player through most of their versions. I've been reviewing all the players that have landed at the INMATRIX doorstep with painstaking, careful evaluations. This review is actually an extension of the PowerDVD-3 PREVIEW we posted a month ago. There, you got a look at what was new and better. Some features, and some promise.

What you DIDN'T see in the preview was the WORK! Since installing the 1st Beta (I went through 4 betas prior to getting this final version), I have tried HARD to give PowerDVD every chance to take the crown with this new build. I tried 9, count em, 9 different video drivers! I updated the processor, the soundcard, I reflashed firmwares and BIOS! Every time I saw a glitch or a problem, I made CERTAIN that I tried everything to see if any changes would fix it rather than condemning the player. INMATRIX, makers of DVD Genie, of the DVD FAQ, the DVD Expert, and the most complete DVD software player reviews ANYWHERE...DOES NOT quit!

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