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Slightly harder to find is the CHAPTER VIEWER which works the same as the Bookmark Viewer. Shows the opening scene of every chapter on a thumbnail list! AWESOME! The Chapter viewer was less stable. At times, some thumbnails wouldn't show, and it even caused the player to error on a few tries. No crashes, but it did say an internal error occurred, please report conditions to Cyberlink. When it worked, it worked fine, and was a nice addition. Would be nicer if you didn't have to go through 2 submenus to locate it, single click button access would help. They should get it all to work with HW ACCEL on, but in our tests, it was probably good that it didn't (More on that later! Muhuhahaha!).

The Interface system is very flexible. Most controls on the main interface panel are available in the right-click menu, and many of the more precise controls of the right-click menu can be found on the main interface by pointing at a certain BUTTON and right clicking. For example, if you want to jump to a certain chapter, right click on the PLAY button, and you will see a menu box with all the available chapters on the current disc. Instant and easy! I like it! Left clicking the interface buttons activates their default settings or scrolls through available settings one at a time. Limited POPUP-HELP is provided by pointing at any button you want explained. The POPUPs can be disabled, for those who hate video clutter. The familiar PowerDVD TIME-SLIDER seek bar remains and works well. Still smallish, but it is very stable and easy to navigate with, unlike those of some of the other competitors.

Last mention in the interface section goes to the new POPUP-TOOLBAR. Some people like Toolbars, they think its an easy and fast way to use the basic controls such as PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, TIME-SEEK, FF, and RW. I personally find them ugly, distracting, limited, and too WINDOWS-CUTE looking. HOWEVER, PowerDVD has laid out a fairly nice one. It pops up when you point at the top of the screen, and USUALLY it Auto-hides when you stop using it. What makes it nice is it allows you to MOVE IT to any side of the screen, much like WINDOWS allows with the taskbar. Grab it and drag it and it goes where you send it. Controls work decently on it. POP-UP HELP doesn't work on it, so know your buttons! All the basics are there, and it works for TOOLBAR lovers. No Right-Click extensions to the buttons, just the basics. But still, the fact that you can move it, it AUTO-HIDES (COUGH! HACK! WinDVD COUGH!), makes it a keeper. They should allow users to CUSTOMIZE the toolbar to change available buttons, as well as resize or recolor it as desired.

Can't argue with this interface. Overall, once you use it some and get comfortable with the subtleties, this is the interface I would choose over all others. VERY WELL DONE!!

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