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I came into this review still miffed by the problems I had with the earlier version of CoolDVD. I was searching for any sign this player would soon degrade to the same level, I wanted to be there when it fell on its face as its predecessor did; but it never happened?! CoolDVD is not a perfect player, but it did a more than adequate job no matter what test I threw at it. While I won't go so far as to say it deserves a spot in the DVD crown with the members of the Big-3, it is a player with no "MAJOR" flaws, one that really can do the job. What more can anyone ask of the new kid on the block? They should add hardware support, and PAN & SCAN playback mode; but if those are not things you desperately need for your playback, it does a decent enough job. Users with slightly more powerful systems, seeking an easy to use interface and solid performance and features should be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.

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Product Scoring:
Video Quality 7.5
Audio Quality 7.0
Performance 6.5
Features 6.5
User Interface7.5
Total Score 7.0
(Total score is not an average)

A good solid little player, doing a lot of things very well, and needing only a few improvements to possibly be among the industry leaders!

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