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The remainder of the CoolDVD feature list is rather light. As said previously, there is no support for Closed Caption display, but since Subtitles are available and do nearly the same thing, most users won't miss Closed Captions. Some movies offer different text on Subtitles Vs Closed Captions, so it is preferable to have both so users can choose.

On-Screen Display when using player buttons is supported, it flashes a message on the movie screen to tell you what button was just activated. There is a Screen Capture option which allows you to save snapshots of any scene in a movie as a windows bitmap. It works very well, saving sharp images. (Some players have very poor save quality). Single-Frame step forward is available and works well for dialing in precisely the scenes you want to capture or bookmark. The BookMark feature of CoolDVD works, but the system for storing and recalling bookmarks is very primitive. No user renaming or title ID or menus associated with the saves, so you are on your own as to figuring out which save is which in a given title. As said earlier, the feature list of CoolDVD is very adequate, but not equal to players like WinDVD or PowerDVD. However, almost all the major features are covered, and most of them work as good or better than the same features implemented by many competitors. PAN & SCAN playback mode is conspicuously absent in CoolDVD, one of the only players not to support it. That may be something that will affect some users who prefer this playback mode or prefer wide screen zooms.

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