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The User Interface

PC DVD users used to mock older versions WinDVD. Its original interface looked like a 1950s toaster! Yeah, the controls and the display worked, but it was just plain UGLY. CineMaster players weren't MUCH better, But at least they weren't THAT BAD.

PowerDVD and WinDVD now both support skinned interfaces. Dynamic changeable control panels that allow users to choose/create their own interface, give it any look they want, and switch on the fly. I was anxious to see if CineMaster would step up? The answer is apparently NO. Ravisent's web site mentions skin support as an OEM option, but as far as user changeable skins, not yet. The interface screen is rather gaudy and unspectacular. Not as hideous as original WinDVD (Old WinDVD may one day appear in a FACES OF DEATH video), but it definitely could be better. CineMaster 2000's button layout isn't very intuitive, and the color schemes are kind of bland. Better pop-up help would be nice too. The Open File/DVD button looks like a Blended-Disc icon and looks more like part of the background graphics than an actual button. It would have helped if they designed it to be more visible! Little touches like that are its main quirks. They user interface needs more features available. Many obvious controls simply aren't there.

Interface buttons are standard fare. Play, Stop, Pause, FF, RW, and the usual menu and audio buttons along with the Open DVD/File button that hides behind a disc icon. As stated above, they are bland visually, and cannot be changed. The movie time-slider control is small and rather touchy. If grabbed (Not an easy thing to do) it works, but has an excessive and annoying hesitation before jumping to the chosen movie position. If you miss grabbing the slider exactly, the movie will jump an unpredictable amount to wherever you did click. Could be much more precise. Older CineMaster builds had a smallish slider as well, but it seemed to work more precisely. No pauses before it jumped, and more controllable.

With the advent of full skin support for WinDVD and PowerDVD, CineMaster is now plainly lagging behind in the Interface department. The lack of available interface controls is also a sticking point. There is ENOUGH there to play movies, but it definitely could improve.

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