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As with previous versions, an applet icon is placed in the Windows Control Panel, with a few more controls. It seems stupid to create a setup applet, HIDE it in the Windows Control Panel; and then put just 4 checkboxes and a DVD system check in it. All the applet controls should have been placed in the Player setup panel. The System check is cute, but wont help much. It does not save results for eMail like PowerDVD does, and only basic problems will be identified with useful solutions offered. (It can find DMA or Auto-Insert problems and help correct them, but it Will Not help solve more serious issues it finds that may cause problems). DVD Genie should be any ATI user's main setup utility. ATI's built-in controls are very limited with many key controls hidden entirely. DVD Genie will show all the available controls, and let you configure them for optimal performance. Grab DVD Genie here!

Install and setup were satisfactory. The default brightness and gamma are Very Dark, but the adjustment sliders quickly corrected that. Users having install issues with ATI 4.1 may wish to visit the DVD Forum at Rage Underground for help in getting it running. I worry some about the plethora of files and registry lines ATI installs. Just seems to be asking for trouble when other players have less than 1/2 that amount of files and system invasion to do the same job. But for me, and hopefully for most, the install was fine; and DVD Genie allowed setup and performance tweaks to be done easily and properly.

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