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DVD Terminology

The Test System

This review was conducted on:

  • Intel Pentium-3 600 & Celeron 400 processors -- normal clockspeed
  • Abit BX6-2 motherboard rev 2.01
  • 128 Megabytes Crucial PC133 ram
  • IBM UDMA 33 10.1 gig hard drive
  • ATI RADEON LE 32meg Video card (TV-OUT tests done on Rage Fury 128)
  • Pioneer 103s 6x DVD drive w DMA enabled
  • 17 inch Sony 200ES Trinitron monitor
  • Diamond MX300 Vortex-2 Soundcard. Aureal 2040 Reference Drivers.
  • Klipsch Promedia v.2-400 speakers
  • Plextor 8x20 CD writer w Adaptec 2930c SCSI card
  • Win98SE
  • MS DirectX 8.0a
  • TV OUT tested using S-VIDEO output to a Sony 35KVS66 Trinitron

I have been loyal to ATI for a long time. I was satisfied with my Rage-Pro card, I was very happy with my Rage 128 once I found drivers it liked; now on to a RADEON. Unfortunately, the TV-OUT on my Radeon doesn't work correctly (ATI, you couldn't give me a break could ya!?) Fortunately, the Monitor portion worked fine, and the Rage Fury card was used to run the TV-OUT tests. A Warranty replacement of the Radeon should be available before the next review.

Further annoying me in the warranty world, my replacement SB-Live! Value soundcard was damaged in shipping and had to be returned AGAIN! (Grrr!) There is something to be said for shopping at a store! When something does go bad, you are not stuck with reboxing and shipping defective parts and waiting sometimes weeks to get your system back to normal. The Vortex-2 card still is a workhorse, and its results will be comparable to most high quality PCI soundcards available currently.

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