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Xing DVD Player v2.03

The Graphic User Interface:

As with any review, I will first list both the pros and the cons of this particular player.

  • Seems very stable.
  • Slick user interface.
  • Highly advanced DirectShow driver.
  • Can play stand alone MPEG 1,2 and VOB files.
  • Support for Weave, Bob DeInterlacing.
  • Support for AMD's K6 3DNow! technology.
  • Support for S3 Hardware Motion Compensation (unconfirmed).
  • Supports Closed Captions.

  • Extracts the region code from the operating system (see below).
  • No support for Brightness or RGB control.
  • No support for ATI Hardware Motion Compensation.
  • Buggy aspect ratio at times.
  • Some scene/menu navigation options are not always available (During FBI Warning, etc...).
  • Annoying MPEG-1 support.
  • Bad association implementation (see below).

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