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The User Interface

Time-slider control is there and works well enough. There is a new trend in DVD software players: Who can make the smallest and hardest to click TIME-SLIDER?!?! VaroDVD is right there with PowerDVD and WinDVD for this questionable title! It works well enough, a slight pause to it, but very useable. One of these days someone will actually update a player and make the slider BIGGER and EASIER to grab? Ah well, it's not like I haven't mentioned this before. :)

One of the best parts of the VaroDVD interface is the RIGHT-CLICK menu for extended playback controls. It really is a work of art for layout and simplicity. They even labeled all the keyboard shortcuts for the controls on the RIGHT-CLICK menu! Very nice!

I can't leave out the ZOOM control on the interface. It works GREAT! Similar in design to the WinDVD user-definable zooming, it allows you to select any portion of the playback window and zoom it to full screen. What makes it better than WinDVD is that it works with ASPECT RATIO on OR off, and it actually WORKS on the test system! (For some reason the WinDVD zoom never has worked on my system.) VaroDVD zoom is sharp, easy to use, and works! One thing they should fix is the cursor control for PAN & SCAN. When zoomed, the screen goes into a PAN & SCAN mode, you can see what's off-screen by moving the whole picture with the mouse. However the mouse control is VERY touchy, and hard to work with.

The VaroDVD interface really is a nice piece of work. It is feature laden, takes few clicks to use most features, and it is easy to use and get comfortable with quickly. It even has SKIN support, though limited to color changes so far. Some cleanup on the display readout, a larger time-slider, and smoothing out the mouse for PAN & SCAN would help. Still, this interface stands with PowerDVD as one of the best.

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