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MGI SoftDVD MAX v6.0

In a previous review, I called SoftDVD the Godfather of PC-DVD. Indeed, it was the first, they were the leader everyone else followed. I was however, rather unforgiving in my rating of the Godfather's player. Once a great innovator, SoftDVD fell behind and was no longer equal to their competitors; and I said as much in the review. Hey, ImMatrix doesn't bow to reputations, we call em like we see em.

MGI could have taken it badly, but instead, they took it to heart. They hired a new staff, deciding they had let mere pretenders grab their rightful DVD market; so they asked InMatrix for our help in redesigning their player to gain back their previous glory. Not a bad way to start!

We traded emails, had several go-rounds with features they needed and things we thought needed improvement. MGI was the first company to directly ask for our input Before creating a new player. We at InMatrix were very enthused to be able help in some small way.

Now we see the results. SoftDVD MAX version 6 is the first major update to the MGI product in quite some time. Many of the issues we cited as holding back previous SoftDVD versions were directly addressed with a major emphasis on what we always complained about: Improve the Video!

They did! Now we see just how much they accomplished.

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