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"Conan, What is Best in life?"
"To Crush your Enemies, See them driven before you, and to hear da Lamentations of dey Women on Promedia Speakers!"

The Klipsch Promedia v.2-400 speakers are the CONAN of 4.1 PC Audio.
Bigger, badder, meaner, and simply the perfect warriors in almost any audio situation; they simply demolished all the stress tests, and MEGA-IMPRESSED everyone who listened to them during the weeks of on and off testing. The price is reasonable compared to other 4.1 systems on the market, most of which do not offer the power or clarity of the Promedias at any price, and many of those cost as much or more than the Promedias. If a full digital system is still out of reach or reason for you, and a 2.1 system doesn't offer quite the sound you want for your DVD experience; you won't do much better than a set of Promedias. Klipsch builds for audiophiles, and if DVD owners aren't that, then who is?

Inmatrix would like to thank Mark and the entire crew at 3D SoundSurge who were enormous help in getting me started on the audio end of reviewing, developing test procedures and providing audio info we used for testing. Hats off to them. Thank you Mark!

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