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Install and Setup

CoolDVD was one of the most compact installs I have run so far. The entire process took only seconds, with no reboot required. The pessimist would say its because there isn't much to this player, while the optimist would proclaim that it doesn't waste time or take over your system. In any event, the files are copied and the basic install completed about as fast as any player I have tested so far. Since CoolDVD does not offer or support any DVD Hardware Acceleration, conflict worries really do not play into the install.

The player requires MS DirectX-6.0 or later be installed to function. This is fine, but DX-6 is getting rather outdated. Most newer players start with DX-7 as a minimum, and some of the latest even demand DX-8. The fact CoolDVD works with older versions may appeal to some users with older Win95 based Pentium systems and small hard drives, but I generally am more comfortable with the latest builds. Most DirectX updates overcome serious limitations of older versions, as well as compatibility issues with certain hardware.

The available configuration settings for audio and video are fairly well rounded. After 4 years, the PC DVD world has sort of settled on a group of settings that are now considered "standard"; and CoolDVD conforms well. All the CoolDVD adjustment sliders and controls are available and functional at all times. Other players may require you to disable Hardware Acceleration before you can make adjustments or use some options, but as CoolDVD doesn't use Hardware Acceleration, its a non-issue.

Poking around the registry settings of CoolDVD was limited. There really are no hidden extras or buried controls. What you see is what you get. This isn't bad, as some players require DVD Genie just to be useable on many systems. CoolDVD lays all its cards on the table from the start. The lack of extensive registry settings is based on the missing Hardware Acceleration, and the light options/features list for CoolDVD. Some features available in other players aren't in CoolDVD, but the features it does have cover the majority of what you would expect.

All in all, the install of CoolDVD was fine. No major issues or difficult settings to figure out. The lack of Hardware Acceleration support is probably the main reason for the easy install and setup. The player simply doesn't integrate much with windows or the hardware. But as long as it works, hey, simplicity is da bomb! Nice install overall.

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