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CoolDVD v2.1

In the course of writing reviews for Inmatrix, I get to see and test every level of player available. This includes the "Big-3" triad of Cinemaster/PowerDVD/WinDVD who are at the pinnacle of PC DVD quality; but also some others striving to make names for themselves.

Some time ago, I was sent a copy of CoolDVD, a new name for the game formerly dominated only by established players. I had hopes for this new company, but started having problems almost from the beginning. Install was finicky, and even after install; I never could finish a movie. An hour into several titles, the player began resource choking until it froze completely. Not what I want to see or use my sleepless nights for! I was prepared to write a review that would extract vindication for my lost hours! I was going to roast this newcomer who abused my efforts with a substandard player! Time to get medieval on somebody! Inmatrix has no mercy for poor products, New or not!

But wait! eMail! A letter from CoolDVD sales, asking me to please hold the review! (And they were "just in the nick of time", let me tell you!) The 1st version they say was only the beginning. Getting their feet wet in the PC-DVD world. A new version was almost complete, and would fix earlier issues, and show the world what CoolDVD was to become. So, MGI got the nod for the last review, and showed us they were on the way up. Now it is CoolDVD's turn at last. Do they rise to new heights from their 1st effort? Are they ready for a serious Inmatrix review?
We shall see...

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