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DVD Terminology

The Test System

This review was conducted on:

  • Intel Celeron 400mhz processor at normal clock speed.
  • ABit BX6 Motherboard rev 2.01.
  • 64mb PC100 ram.
  • IBM UDMA 33 10.1gb hard drive.
  • ATI Rage Fury 32mb video with TV OUT using ATI 6269 Certified drivers.
  • Pioneer 103s 6x DVD drive with DMA enabled.
  • 15 inch Sony 100SF Trinitron monitor.
  • Diamond MX300 Vortex-2 sound card using Aureal 2040 reference drivers.
  • Klipsch Promedia v.2-400 speaker set.
  • Win98 SE rev 2222A (Windows 98 also tested).
  • DirectX 7.0.
  • TV OUT tested using S-VIDEO output to a Sony 35KVS66 Trinitron.
Still the same basic system as the last review. Since this is a CineMaster player, I did not borrow the Pentium-3 processor, as CineMaster players of the past weren't so power hungry they required such hardware. I trust most current DVD users out there have at the very least an Overlay capable video card, and a 48khz PCI sound card (If you don't, GET THEM!). With a 400+ mhz processor, and those pre-requisites, the rest becomes very interchangeable in many cases. If you DO wish to run DVD on a slower system, Dedicated DVD decoding cards are always available to tame even the slowest processors.

Newer Video Cards from companies like ATI, S3, and NVidia add in on-board DVD hardware assist to further improve playback.

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