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Going back home is almost always comfortable for most of us. We know what we are getting, we are used to it, so it satisfies our expectations. ATI 4.1 is a great player in most of the basic areas of playback. Sharp beautiful video on the test system, with powerful LFE audio that cannot be denied. For the basic playback experience of firing up a movie and watching/hearing it, ATI's offering is a VERY tough act to beat. Only its lack of extended features and extras holds it down. Is coming back home the final destination for ATI owners? Well, it may be for some. ATI's latest player is that good for the most important aspects of playback. And for many, that is Quality Playback. Others may still want more from the interface, or demand extra features in order to facilitate their DVD playback bliss. Hey, the land of OZ was a dreamworld, and we all dream our own dreams...

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Product Scoring:
Video Quality 9.0
Audio Quality 8.0
Performance 9.0
Features 4.0
User Interface4.5
Total Score 7.5
(Total score is not an average)

The overall score would be higher for owners who just watch their movies and don't ask for more or care about extra features. It was near perfect in most of the basic areas

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