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The User Interface

ATI has added a ZOOM feature. It can be mouse defined, or auto resize, IE. - 2x or 4x normal size. Sadly, the ATI zoom does not have a flexible output. Widescreen titles with black bars top and bottom can only be zoomed to fullscreen if aspect ratio is maintained. Disabling aspect ratio lock within setup does not affect zooming. This is a major weakness, as the most likely time you will WANT to zoom is to get rid of widescreen black bars to make the image fill your entire screen. In order to stretch a widescreen title to fullscreen, ATI forces you to select narrow section of the screen that conforms to the aspect ratio of the disc. This chops the sides off and stretches only the center of the screen, but cuts off the sides of the image. DVD Genie's zoom is disabled by the new engine, so there is no workaround. Also, the image quality when zoomed is on the grainy side, with a definite loss of clarity. Alas. ATI has a zoom, but it is not well implemented.

There is a decent Right-Click menu, with all the major controls and several submenus for precise selections of multi- setting controls. It offers a nice keyboard hotkey map, but due to the sparse featureset of the player in general, the Right-Click menu is not nearly as big an issue as with more feature-laden players.

Times do change. A year ago, I didn't lavish praises on the ATI interface; but I did say it was decent enough to do the job. With advancements in interface design by most of the major players, ATI's limited features and bland layout are simply past their prime. Just too few features and controls, and what's worse; add to the list that the ATI interface is one of the slowest responding interfaces on the market. It does the job, but buttons and menu use shows a noticeable and annoying lag. The Interface is the largest complaint against an otherwise powerful player. The ATI Interface is yesterdays technology. ATI should update the design considerably to be up to standards.

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