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May 30th, 1999.

I have switched to a different ad agency which means that the page should load faster now, and the ads be more diverse.

May 26th, 1999.

Still no news regarding PowerDVD 1.6 or SoftDVD III. If anyone has any information on these (other than the press releases), please let me know. I need to test of the region controls work with versions.

May 22nd, 1999.

For some reason, my host was down for the last 36 hours or so, no idea why.

In any case, i strongly suggest making sure your bookmark is to

May 21st, 1999.

DVD Region Selector v1.91 has been released, this version doesn't contain any new features, but fixes a small windows related bug and provides a clear tag for the Sound Blaster Live SPDIF setting.

Get it from the Files Area.

May 20th, 1999.

I have made small fixes to the SB Live SPDIF instruction page.

As you may well know, Zoran is coming out with a new DVD Player called SoftDVD III, it's very hyped and reading it's press release, most of it is just that (hype).

However, if anyone has more information about this player, or first hand information on PowerDVD v1.60 (The new version released with ATI hardware support, please let me Know.

Included the Creative 5x 5241 firmware incase someone burned the 5240 firmware by accident.
Get it from the Files Area.

May 17th, 1999.

I gave the SB Live SPDIF instruction it's own page. It's a bit more detailed and probably more coherent.

Head up to the articles section and take a peek.

May 15th, 1999.

If you own a Sound Blaster Live card, an important piece of information has been recently revealed. When updating to the new Live!Ware 2.0 driver/software package, and setting the digital out setting in the mixer, you can get AC3 SPDIF output from the card's SPDIF Out port when using the CineMaster DVD Player (Or the ATI player since it uses the CineMaster engine). Once the newly released Live!Ware is installed and the mixer setting enabled, use Region Selector to set the CineMaster SPDIF option to 'Ensoniq' and you can then hook your SBLive card to an AC3 receiver and get true AC3 5.1 digital audio.

May 15th, 1999.

I was asked to add support for a certain hardware decoder into Region Selector, while i usually rather not do that (as it usually means messing with the card's drivers), this decoder was different as it doesn't keep the region code in the card's eprom.

So, Region Selector now includes support for the Jammin' DVD II decoder kit.

With this, DVD Region Selector v1.90 has been released.
You can find it at the Files Area.

PowerDVD v1.6 was announced today, supposedly it supports ATI HW Acceleration and 4 and 6 speaker output on cards that support it.

May 14th, 1999.

Updated the DVD Technical notes page with more up-to-date information and a few new entries.

May 13th, 1999.

I found a small glitch in Region Selector v1.81, it appears it doesn't save the CineMaster downsampling filter setting. Version 1.82 will be released this weekend to fix this issue.

May 8th, 1999.

DVD Region Selector v1.81 has been released, You can find it at the Files Area.

On a side note, talking with quite a lot of people, I have been made aware that quite a lot of you are still struggling with explorer (I don't mean internet explorer, but the actual file manager). If you would like a break from some of the user-unfriendly pain given to you by explorer, take a peek at a program called Windows Commander. I am in no way affiliated with this program, but i think many if you would find it a better choice. You can look at Windows Commander here.

May 7th, 1999.

Back from abroad, had a nice vaction to the greek island of Kos. And now to news that may interest you, Region Selector v1.81 will probably be released over this weekend. This version will include slight fixes for CineMaster and should probably work better with the recent Diamond version of the SoftDVD player.

May 1st, 1999.
If you haven't noticed, the PC-DVD FAQ has been updated to v0.8, you can grab it from the Files Area.

The Links area has been revamped, news links added, old and malfunctioning links removed.

April 28th, 1999.
As mentioned below, DVD Informatrix has a registered domain now (
To support the growth of this site, i am adding a single banner to the top of the main page, and possibly the review pages in the future. I am trying to make the banners as streamlined as possible so they won't ruin your surfing experience (no pop ups here!).

I may have little choice as to which banners are shown, but none of them are adult material, so they should be suited for all viewers.

I also did a slight redesign of the logo, it's a bit more consolidated now.

April 27th, 1999.
Hurrah, DVD Infomatrix has passed it's 100,000th visitor since i started keeping track.

I have received several confirmation reports that the Region Selector SoftDVD support for the specific version released by Diamond is indeed functioning.

I have registered a new domain name for the site, the domain is (pronounced 'in-matrix'). The domain links to this site, so there is no real need to bookmark again, it's just an easier name to remember.

April 25th, 1999.
The DVD Informatrix site has been moved to a new host, if you live in North Israel, check out our host (link at top of page).

Work on registering a new domain name is under way, and hopefully everything will be sorted out by next week.

On a brighter note, Region Selector v1.80 has been released. It contains experimental support for SoftDVD. Read the what's new file for more details.
You can find it at the Files Area.

April 23rd, 1999.
I am still having hosting difficulties, and my current host is not answering my eMails. This brings me to a state where i am forced to search for a possible new host for this site.

If you can possibly offer a hosting solution for this site, or perhaps a permanent mirror, please notify me. The requirements are about 10mb of web space and no problems with me having banner advertisement.

A standard 88x31 'hosted by' linked image will be shown at the top of the page.

If anyone can help me with this, please Contact me.

April 22nd, 1999.
My Host (ActiveWindows) is currently melfunctioning, reason unknown.

I am mirroring the page to it's old adress until this can be resolved. I am also in the process of registering a domain name for this site. This is the first time i've done that, so please bear with me.

April 17th, 1999. (Part 2)
The PC DVD Player Information FAQ is now available for download at the Files Area. Read it, it will answer some of those annoying PC DVD Software questions for you.

April 17th, 1999. (Part 1)
DVD Region Selector v1.75 has been released. This version now contains the entire CineMaster control panel options. This will hopefully ease some of the headache associated with the CineMaster Control Panel. Files Area.

April 16th, 1999.
I am looking for advertising sponsors for this page, mainly in the DVD Hardware/Software/Titles fields. If you are an advertiser and wish exposure on a fast growing DVD information page, please Contact me.

April 15th, 1999.
The WinDVD review has been updated to reflect the changes in version 1.2.

April 9th, 1999. (Part 3)
Thanks to Arzeno of the DVD Firmware Page the Hitachi GD-2500BX firmware is now available at the Files Area.

So if you accidently screwed your drive by installing the wrong Firmware, try using the correct firmware to reactivate the drive.

April 9th, 1999. (Part 2)
Several hours later, and there you go, DVD Region Selector v1.74 is all ready.
Grab it from the Files Area.

I included the complete CineMaster registry guide with this version, as some of the descriptions are somewhat long and complex, and you may want to read them directly from the source.

April 9th, 1999. (Part 1)
I was recently sent the full CineMaster registry settings list, i will be trying to go over the list and implement the important features into DVD Region Selector. Hopefully i will release v1.74 by this weekend.

April 2nd, 1999.
DVD Region Selector v1.73 has been released, this version adds some requested undocumented CineMaster settings and a few more tweaks. You can get the new version of the DVD Region Selector at the Files Area.

Updated the "Installing ATI/Software CineMaster the right way" article to fit the current state of Software CineMaster.

Updated the "The DVD Playing guide" with a bit more details.

Moved the software player review area to the main page and broke off the technical notes information into a seperate page.

Updated the Head-2-Head table to take into account the latest DVD Player releases.

April 1st, 1999.
A small warning, if you own the Hitachi GD-2500BX drive, do not try to use the GD-2500 firmware as it's a different drive!

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