The News Archive

Jan 26th, 1999:

Work on a new version of DVD Region Selector is progressing, so far small tweaks have been made, however i am waiting to get a look at a fully functioning version of PowerDVD v1.30 before releasing a new version.

Jan 24th, 1999:

The message board seems to be functioning again.

Jan 21st, 1999:

I am hearing quite a few reports saying that updating the Creative Encore 5x firmware using the Panasonic SR-8583 firmware update removes the Firmware Region limitation from the drive making it a regionless drive. You can find the Panasonic firmware update here.

However, as with all things of this nature, there is some element of danger involved. Do this at your own risk.

There is some problem with the message board, hopefully it will be fixed shortly.

Jan 19th, 1999:

Updated the How to install CineMaster article with reference to non-ati card owners.

Jan 16th, 1999:

The Head-2-Head features review page has been updated to reflect the latest Software DVD Player versions.

Updated the Xing DVD Player review to account for version 2.03.

Jan 15th, 1999:

I have released the DVD Region Selector v1.53, you may download it from the files area.

From this version onwards, i will also keep the "what's new" file linked on the page.

Jan 13th, 1999:

Every page now contains a "Back" link.
Tweaked several of the review articles with small tidbits.
New article, Installing Software CineMaster the right way.
New site link, DVD Focus.

Jan 10th, 1999:

A new link on the Site Links section. PC DVD, a very interesting read.

The Q&A page has been slightly reformatted and new questions (and answers) have been included.
Updated the Colorspace Benchmark page with a new chart for the new bechmark program that comes with PowerDVD 1.22a.
Updated the review page with updated information regarding PowerDVD v1.22a including what i believe was changed between v1.22 and 1.22a

Renamed the "Information" section to "Editorial".
Detached the E-Mail address from the former "Information" section into it's own small E-Mail area.

Jan 9th, 1999:

Added several more terms to the Software Decoders review and technical notes page.

Jan 8th, 1999:

I have released the DVD Region Selector v1.52, you may download it from the files area.

I have created a new Tributes Page to thank all the people that help this page grow.
Updated the Questions and Answers page with ... you guessed it, more questions and answers.
A new link on the Site Links section, the official FAQ. It's big, it's mean, and it's big.
Another new Commercial Link, go check it out.

Jan 7th, 1999:

Updated the drives list with the 3rd gen pioneer drive, and also a small warning about all pioneer drives.

Jan 6th, 1999:

I have included two major commercial DVD shopping sites to the Commercial Links area.

Jan 4th, 1999:

I have split the links and files areas into two separate sections.

I created what i think is a very interesting page that shows you all the features (good and bad) of the various players in one nice table. I would like to call it DVD Head-2-Head.
If You would like to add sections to this page, let me know.

Jan 1st, 1999:

Happy new year!

I have found a very interesting link regarding External DVD Players (non-computer), make sure to head over to the Site Links and check it out.

Dec 28th, 1998:

I have renamed the page to "DVD Infomatrix".

This page has grown since it's humble beginning and now holds more than just region changing information. I have received nothing but raves about the reviews and information provided on this page, and hopefully as the DVD forum grows, so shall this page.

Dec 23rd, 1998:

I have released the DVD Region Selector v1.51, you may download it from the files area.

This is a bug fix for certain Windows 98 machines. Hopefully DVD Region Selector should load up without an error message. BTW, if the Win98 tab list box is empty, it's probably because you never loaded the windows 98 player, or other players that use the windows 98 region code.

Dec 22nd, 1998:

I have released the DVD Region Selector v1.50, you may download it from the files area.

This new version allows you to change certain Windows 98 features such as which program to load on auto-insert notification and some control over the Windows 98 region code. Make sure you read the what's new area within the program as it contain vital information.

Dec 20th, 1998:

Erwin van den Berg has updated his DVD Drive Information software (available from the Files Area).

Dec 17th, 1998:

Updated the Windows 98 DVD Player review with an update to the installation instructions. You need to move dvdrgn.exe into the windows directory in order to be able to change regions.

Dec 16th, 1998:

Fixed the DVDNet link, sorry about that.

Dec 15th, 1998:

Updated the Colorspace Conversion benchmarks page with my concerns about the Super-7 mainboards and several new cards.

Reviewed the Zoran SoftDVD.
Updated the PowerDVD review in order to remove some partially wrong information.
Updated the Xing DVD Player review with information about 3DNow! support.
Included a fast-jump section to the top of the page.

Moved the old news into an archive area.

Dec 10th, 1998:

Erwin van den Berg has written a program that will detect if your DVD-Rom drive's region is hardware coded (written in the drive's firmware like the Creative Encore 5x). You can download this program from the files section above.

Another links sub-section has been included.

Dec 9th, 1998:

Updated the drives list.

I am also starting to hear of DVD-Rom drives that won't work without a decoder card from either Sigma Design or Quadrant International. You may want to be careful when buying those DVD-Rom kits.

Dec 7th, 1998:

Im starting to include links to other DVD sites of interest. If you're interested in a link to your site on this page, let me know.

Finally took the time to load the page in Internet Explorer. And guess what, it didn't show right. Hopefully it's fixed now and all the graphics are showing correctly.

Slightly reformatted the PowerDVD review.

Im hearing reports of PowerDVD v1.22a and PowerDVD v1.30, does anyone have any idea if these are actual releases? and what are the improvements over previous versions?

Dec 6th, 1998:

Extracted the Hardware Colorspace Conversion speeds and included them in a new section. If you have PowerDVD please supply me with more information for this section.

I was informed that the DVD Region Selector might not work with certain versions of the CineMaster Software Decoder. I have yet to encounter this. If you know of a non-working version of the CineMaster Software decoder, let me know.

Dec 1st, 1998:

Updated the drives list.

Please don't e-mail me about hardware decoders, i don't have one, and i can't really help.

Nov 28th, 1998:

I released the DVD Region Selector v1.41. It fixes a few minor problems you probably didn't even see.

Also, i switched to a new Message board provider. This board has advertisement but should hopefully not just disappear without a warning.

Updated the Drives list and reformatted the Drive list into tables.

Nov 27th, 1998:

Three new reviews, the Xing v2.01beta review, the CineMaster Player v1.60 review and the DVDExpress review.

Also updated some of the technical notes on the review page and revised the CineMaster v1.03j review with some more insights and corrections.

Nov 26th, 1998:

I am releasing v1.40 of the DVD Region Selector. This version now support the Xing DVD Player v2.01beta, sometimes known as "Xing Beta 2". I tested the Xing code a bit, but if there is any problems, please let me know.

In the following days i will add/revise the player reviews with new insights into some of the already reviewed players. And hopefully reviews of new players (Xing, possibly others). It has also come to my attention that there is a player called CoolDVD. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know.

One last note, i have added two new sections. The first of which is the Regionless DVD-Rom drives which will list drives that are region-free (don't keep the region code in their firmware) and also the drives that are region-encoded (keep the region code in their firmware - bad). The second section is what i like to call "The DVD Playing guide". The guide is ofcourse my personal view on the subject, and you can all comment and tell me what you think should be included in it.

Nov 25th, 1998:

I have released the DVD Region Selector v1.30, this new version fixes small glitches in the earlier version and adds important bits from the CineMaster control panel directly into the program itself. This allows for faster and more convenient way of adjusting CineMaster.

On a darker note, I believe there might be some problems with the DVD forum either the message board support is dead or somehow his site is being changed. I have no idea at present what's going on with the message board provider. If the problem does not correct itself in the next 2-3 days, I will see what i can do to create an alternative board.

Nov 22nd, 1998:

I have included a new review section for some of the more popular software decoders. I also included some explanations for some technical terms you might have seen and not quite understood.

Nov 21st, 1998:

I removed the background image, frankly it seemed a lot darker on my screen compared to other screen, dunno, my screen might be a bit screwy. Ah well.

On a brighter note, i have finally received my DVD-Rom drive, it's a Hitachi GD-2500 DVD-Rom drive if anyone cares.

Problem is, the only DVD-Rom title i currently have is SCREAMERS which is region 1. I will try getting my hands on other region DVD titles, probably region 2 since region 2 is my local region.

Once i get a region 2 DVD title, i will try making DVD region selection under PowerDVD.

It would really help to have other region DVDs (regions 3,4,5,6) as it would make finding the PowerDVD formula easier. Otherwise i might only be able to make the regions selectable to 1 and 2.

If you can help by supplying DVD titles for the above regions, let me know.

Nov 11th, 1998:

My host ( were having some hardware problems thus making this page unavailable and not allowing me to uodate it. Hopefully everything is resolved.

There was also a problem with the discussion board which caused it to be wiped. While the site was down i have released two new versions of the DVD Region Changer which include the following features:
  • The user interface has been streamlined for a more user-friendly control.
  • The CineMaster/ATI sections were merged.
  • You may now change the CineMaster regions within the program without the need to reset the region counter and change the region setting within the CineMaster control panel.
  • And other neat stuff i can't quite recall, so just check it out.

Oct 30th, 1998:

I have created a Discussion Board where you can leave questions and discuss about DVD regions.

Oct 29th, 1998:

I have released version 1.10 of the DVD Region Selector

In this release the following items were introduced/changed:
  • Implemented support for resetting the PowerDVD v1.22 region counter.
  • The CineMaster v0.9 decoding engine region counter reset
    should now be working (hopefully).
  • You can no longer change settings for programs that are not installed.
  • Program was renamed to DVD Region Selector.

Oct 4th, 1998:

Version 1.00 of the DVD Region Selector was released.

This release introduces the following features:
  • Changing the ATI DVD Player v1.20 region setting as many times as needed.
  • Reseting the Cinemaster Decoding engine v0.9 region change counter.

This page and all it's content is copyrighted, distribution without prior consent is prohibited.