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DVD Expert

DVD Expert is a quick database filter program which allows you to run extremely fast searches on previously downloaded item databases.

Browsing through 1000's of titles can be confusing, you don't always get to see the movies you want, searching can be time consuming, going from page to page to page . . .

With this tool you can download the entire catalog in a one session and then run any search you desire on it off-line. With the advanced filtering you can view just the items you want, nothing more. Furthermore, you have the option to export the data you find to either a text or HTML format. This allows for fast site updates with relative data.

No installation is required, simply extract the ZIP archive using any extraction software (such as WinZip) and run the EXE file.

This program is freeware and will remain so. However, if you feel this program is useful and wish to donate toward future development, please visit the donation page.

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Please note, if the file you are downloading is only 300bytes or so in size and tells you you're not getting the latest version, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

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