--- What's new in v1.10:

* You can now manually add and remove any detected video mode listed
  for any card.  Doing so might have adverse results, so play with
  it carefully.

* When overriding card detection you would have had to restart the
  program for the controls to start functioning.

* Can now minimize the program (sorry about that).

--- What's new in v1.00:
* You can now force DC Genie to work with all detected cards on vendor
  specific tabs, this may make it work with OEM drivers of various
  NVIDIA distributors, depending on how they modified their driver
  from the NVIDIA reference code.

* Sub-Panels will now remain open after you exit and re-enter DC Genie.

* You can now open the sub-panels even if a card was not found, you
  can't actually change anything in them, but at least you can see
  the various features DC Genie offers.

* Fixed some typos and added hint-information for all features.

* A few cosmetic bugs were fixed.

--- What's new in v0.99 beta:

* This is the first release of DC Genie, it has been tested internally,
  but I only have one card and one operating system so an open beta is
  required for bug reports.

  This program was not designed to work under Windows 2000, while some
  of it's features may be compatible, some are definitely not, use at
  your own risk.

  Overclocking features were intentionally left out as they could cause
  irreversible damage to the card.  Enabling hardware overclocking
  through the NVIDIA Dialog box is supported.

  At the present point, DC Genie supports most major known NVIDIA
  functions and practically all the NVIDIA control panel settings
  (hardware overclocking excluded).

  DC Genie also supports adding custom DVD Video Modes to all cards
  (was only tested on my local NVIDIA card though).  It should be a
  safe procedure and the custom modes can be removed at a press of
  a button.

  The online docs are not yet in place, I would like to see how this
  program progresses prior to investing time in documentation.

  This program was written with the help of the GeForce FAQ at
  http://faq.inmatrix.com  All relevant information from this page
  has been implemented.

  I would like to thank Christopher Hill for maintaining the
  GeForce FAQ, this program would not have been created without
  the information gathered on the FAQ and the people who
  submitted it.

  All NVIDIA functions require that the NVIDIA Reference driver
  is installed.  You can always get the latest version at:

  There are no known bugs at this moment.

--- End.