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DC Genie Video Modes NVIDIA Cards

On this tab you will find features that are specific to the operation of DC Genie itself.

Show ALL display cards on vendor specific tabs (Check-Box).
When DC Genie looks for your display card, it scans all cards in search of ones meeting it's criteria. For example, in the case of NVIDIA card, before adding a card to the list on the NVIDIA tab, it looks if the VendorID for the driver matches the NVIDIA VendorID. This rules out all drivers that were not released by NVIDIA. The reason behind this filtering methodology is frankly to prevent people who don't know what they're doing from messing up their system.

However, there may be cases where an OEM releases a driver which is functionally the same as the original driver, but with a different VendorID. In such cases you can enable this feature and DC Genie will display all cards on Vendor-Specific tabs.

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